​Scott's Branch High Alumni Association, Inc.

Alma Mater

Dear S.B.S. We Pledge Ourselves

To thy precepts and thy aims
We'll love thy  glorious guiding light
And pledge anew our love.

We'll fight for thee where ev'r we go
Thy glories ne'er forget
We'll keep thy standards flying high
In all we do or say.

The flag of truth and honesty
We'll wave e'er all the land
Till all thy Sons and Daughters know
Thy precepts strong and true.

For S.B.S. We'll give our all
For S.B.S. We'll stand
We'll always hold our honor high,
For Dear Old S.B.S

The History of Scott's Branch High

During reconstruction most Negro education started in the churches. Scott's Branch was not different except for the name. It was know as the Taw Caw School. Classes were taught in the present Taw Caw Baptist Church.

At the turn of the century, a group of parents decided to establish the school in town. They raise money and purchased a lot beside St. Mark A.M.E. Church. (Two houses now stand on this lot.) They purchased an old cotton gin house, rolled it onto this site and made it into a classroom. School closing activities and the like were held in St. Mark Church. It is said that the little brook that runs behind St. Mark Church now, was known as Scott's Branch. The school's name was changed from Taw Caw to Scott's Branch because of its location.

Fire destroyed this "gin" classroom and the church after many years of use. The parents again banded together, raised funds, and built a two story building for classrooms and an auditorium. As the years passed and the school population grew, the auditorium was converted into classrooms. In the meantime, St. Mark had been rebuilt, so the church was again used for school activities.

In the Spring of 1937, there was another fire and the school building was destroyed. This time the parents decided to purchase the site on which the present Scott's Branch Middle School stands. The white frame building was built 
by the county, but the parents and teachers had to raise funds to put in electricity and water. 
For chapel, the students were marched from the white frame building to St. Mark. Commencement exercises were 
alternated between Taw Caw Baptist and Liberty Hill A.M.E churches. School plays were presented at Taw Caw. This practice continued until the Gymtorium was constructed.

The current Scott's Branch High School is located on Alex Harvin Highway (Highway 301) on a large acreage of land. It is equipped with state of the art computer labs, fully equipped science labs and all of the amenities necessary for modern day education. In addition, the school has a fully equipped football stadium, softball and track field with all modern equipment. It is also adorned with a gymnasium that can accommodate graduations, school plays, 
community events and indoor athletic events.Type your paragraph here.